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The vision of a family.

Meet our owners! 

Perez family-22.jpg

Our life together has sparked many ideas but nothing quite as perfect as this one. After having our first baby in 2018, we knew without a doubt that we wanted to be in the business of family! – And what better way to be in that industry than creating a place where two families come together to unite into one. 

- Lara & Daniel Perez

 Our Founder! 

Lara Perez

Just Really Quick! 

Hi Hi!! I'm Lara, my husband and I own The Margaux ~ this was my crazy idea. I pitched this plan to my hubby in 2019 when I was in school for my MBA.  I left my profession in Healthcare to follow my dreams. My hubby is also in Healthcare! but he's made for it, I don't know anyone that cares more for others than he does. I thrive on things that get my creative juices flowing. 

We have two boys! DJ + Luke. They make our life colorful. Our days are always busy, borderline chaotic, but it is always filled with laughter. Quite literally, we live for our kiddos. 

I'm so elated to share The Margaux with the community. I hope everyone who comes to the venue feels and sees the love I have poured into this project.

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