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The vision of a family.

Meet our owners! 

Perez family-22.jpg

Our life together has sparked many ideas but nothing quite as perfect as this one. After having our first baby in 2018, we knew without a doubt that we wanted to be in the business of family! – And what better way to be in that industry than creating a place where two families come together to unite into one. 

- Lara & Daniel Perez

 Our Founder! 

Lara Perez

Just Really Quick! 

Hi hi!! I'm Lara, my husband and I own The Margaux. I wish I had a grand story to share about myself and how this all came to life but in all honesty, it all just came together after becoming a mom and a shift in priorities within my life. I did what everyone else does in our society. I went to school, got the degrees, built a house, got a career and so on... I checked all the boxes on the list, but I still didn't feel like I was doing something worthwhile. I had a constant nagging in my thoughts about what it really meant to be fulfilled. Countless nights (and tears) talking things out with my husband and expressing that something felt missing within me. And that I wanted to do something for me. something that fed my creativity, fueled my passions and got me excited about being challenged...

Lucky me he really listn

I'm so elated to share The Margaux with the community. I hope everyone who comes to the venue feels and sees the love I have poured into this project.

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